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 SCOTT ROY - Lead Auditor, Inspector & Investigator

Twelve years as a Ministry of Labour Inspector in Mining, Industrial and Health Care programs, conducting physical inspections & health & safety program audits in a variety of workplaces to observe operations, identify potential hazards and contraventions of provincial legislation. Conducted investigations of events to determine compliance with legislated standards.

BILL GABBANI Electrical & Mechanical Inspector

Twenty nine years as a Ministry Of Labour Electrical / Mechanical Inspector, conducting physical inspections, observing workplace operations, identifying potential hazards particularly concerning electrical and mechanical design, installation, operation and maintenance (mine hoists, electrical installations and equipment) and identifying contraventions of provincial legislation.

It's with great sadness and regret that we announce that our friend and colleague Bill Gabbani passed away on the 24th of February 2022. He is a profound loss to those in his personal life, as well as the mining and health & safety communities.

We're not your health & safety system; we're here to make yours better.​

You had an idea. You put your heart, soul and energy to grow that idea into reality. 

You went to school. You learned the business. You joined the organization, and you climbed the corporate ladder.

No matter how you got to where you are, you know your business inside and out. You know what it takes to get the necessary end results. Now you need your employees to have that same understanding and focus. You've got key people in place who share your vision. But what happens when an accident derails your progress?

So before an accident has occurred, you've identified that you need to protect your workers. You have safety procedures in place. You have a department and people whose job it is to ensure that those procedures are followed. But how effective is your health & safety system?

That's our job.

We're here to test, audit and review the safety system you have in place. We aren't your company, so we aren't restrained by corporate culture. We're here to not only find the potential holes in your system, but help you fix it as well.


"Every battle is won before it is fought."

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