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Our services are your solutions. Solutions that you may not even realize you need yet. That's part of what we offer. As an employer, you are required to perform your health & safety 'due diligence'. But when you are focused on the goals of your business, and running it smoothly, you can miss the bigger picture including potential gaps in your health and safety system, and miss out fulfilling your regulatory due diligence. Our services are there to help ensure that nothing is missed.


We will perform complete physical inspections of your workplace to show you where you may not be in regulatory compliance, and where your safety can be improved. We will also let you know where you are succeeding. We will help you in finding solutions to what we observe.


We will audit and review your overall health and safety system, including your policies, procedures, equipment, training and maintenance programs. This audit includes job observations to improve its efficiency and safety.


There may be times when due to an accident, or an unplanned inspection, a regulatory body may show up at your workplace. We are available 24/7 in dealing with them directly, as well as aiding your workers & superviosors to interact with these government officials.


The best health & safety system won't function if your workforce doesn't buy into it. Our biggest belief is that its your workers' mind set is the key to your health & safety system. We will help to get them on board with new approaches, systems and ways of thinking about safety.


If your workplace has experienced a near miss, an injury, or accident, we can aid your health & safety team in investigating these situations to find the causes, solutions and provide a regulatory point of view. We will provide you with unbiased 3rd party investigations into harassment complaints that may arise.


Policies and procedures are the foundation of your health & safety system. Ensuring that they are up to date, clear, concise, effective and regulatory compliant, can be a daunting task, but it is not only a necessity, but also a requirement. We can apply our expertise to ensure your procedures are optimal.

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